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Episode #298 – Quotes Are Great… But This is Better!

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“Quotes don’t work unless you do!”

Isn’t this the best quote ever?!?!

It’s Midweek Motivation and I’m going to make fun of myself! Today is the day I share a little inspiration to get you through the rest of the week, and that’s good and I’m glad you are here to check it out — but guess what.

You’ve got to do some work too!

It’s super important to look for inspiration, in fact, here’s a page to help you get motivated… but don’t just read… take action!

A few good suggestions include: take a walk, break things into smaller pieces, and relive past successes!  What does this mean… take a walk just means get away, break your pattern, and clear your head. This is an important way to get past the feeling you are spinning in circles.

Another way to get going and stop the overwhelm is to take the large overwhelming goal and break into smaller more manageable goals!  You can’t eat that elephant all at once, but you can, “one bite at a time”.

And finally, when you’re just feeling deflated, think about a past success.  Revisit that feeling of accomplishment. This will motivate you.

I guess, my most important thought for today is… use inspiration as the spark to take action -don’t just buy the “inspiration of the day calendar” – use it to achieve your goals!

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