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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 800 – Want a Positive Result?

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Quote: “Positive Vibe Alert”

Tuesday: Content & Consistency


FIRST:  This is post 800.  OMG!  Thank you for joining me on this journey.  What started as a forced habit has turned into 799 completed posts — This is 800 so I’m not claiming it yet.

NOW… just so you know we’re on the right day — it’s not motivation day — I picked “good vibes” because it’s all about the tribe… I found the following quote, but it was Waaaaay too hard to put on a small square so I picked “Positive Vibe Alert”

Here’s the Alt-quote for today!

Alt Quote: “The most important thing in creating content is to know the need of your audience and what can affect them positively.”

Be positive.

When attracting someone to you or better yet… when attracting a tribe to you… do so by having amazingly positive vibes!

Quite frankly, it’s easy to be negative.  You can complain and put a post out there that is a complete “debbie downer” and you are going to get people to chime in with your little pitty party.

Guess What?

It gets very old. Very fast.

What never gets old or tired is to share good news, give credit to the right people, and in general to be positive.

Read your last 10 posts and see what your vibe is… is it positive? Is it healthy? When you read it do you want to be around you?

If you don’t want to be around you… here’s secret, no one else does either!

Worse yet… if you’re negative, imagine what comes out of the wood work to hang out with you?  yukkkkkk

Today’s alt-quote is a great reminder to our tribe building efforts.

Provide your tribe with the information they NEED in a positive way.

Today – I’m helping my tribe (you) remember that when you write for YOUR tribe that you craft the messages to be positive need to know info – and in turn I’m doing this with my tribe (you) by sharing the bigger impact that when you are positive, positive people will be attracted to YOU!

You are in total control of who is in your tribe… if you want positive people, give them the info they need in the most positive message you can, and success will follow!

NOW… 800 complete blog posts are done.  YEAAAA! (Thank you)



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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