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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #805 – Here’s How You Have Hard Work AND Cheating

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Quote: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!” – Tim Notke

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Do you hate that person who just seems to have everything come to them so easy?

OH I do!

A favorite example is when you’re in school and you study, and study, AND study for the test, while some “smarty pants” says, “OH I didn’t even crack a book” and they get an “A” and you get a “C”.

SO so SO frustrating!

But here’s the deal… your ability to work hard will overcome someone’s talent if they don’t apply it!

This is never more true than when you create content.  Your ability to keep creating new content, and do it consistently will overcome a competitor’s voice.  Even if they have more degrees, experience, etc…

Your ability to flood the market and get people to discover “your stuff” is huge!  And the reason is, when you take the time and effort to share “the stuff between your ears” you become the expert.

Here couple great ideas to get you rolling on the content machine

1- Faq list – take 10 minutes to write down every question you’ve ever been asked by customers… write them in a massive list online – AND answer them.  Just do this – it’s super duper helpful.

2- Answer the questions in your FAQ with a series.  Again, do this online for your website, for example if someone asks, “What are the top 10 motivational gifts for Entrepreneurs” – answer the FAQ with your ideas.  BUT then… develop 10 pages of content, each page features one gift idea!  THEN, post a 10 day series on Facebook and link back to each page you created — it’s a great idea!

(I just thought of this one because I rebranded my online store and added a section called “The Entrepreneur In Me Says…” – full of motivational gift ideas.

3- Create a FREE download — remember that top 10 list… OMG – why not trade it for an email address and build your list.  (Note to self… do this!)

This may seem redundant… to create a FAQ, then to create an individual page for each item, then to create a download… but they all serve different purposes.  They are also all searched differently with the Google Machine…

It’s also nice to have these pages ready to go so when you’re a little burned out you can “instantly” have content to link to… Is that cheating?  Kinda… but we all need a little break! Right?!

Today – create your FAQ Page!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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