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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 1010 – How is a Good Date Like a Good Blog Post?

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Tuesday Blog Topic: Content and Consistency –

Quote: “There are two types of content. Good and bad.”


Normally I tackle content or consistency on Tuesdays… Then I thought, maybe it’s time to talk about them together.

Think of a perfect date.

No, not April 25.  Although that part of Miss Congeniality makes me howl.  If you haven’t seen it, just Google it… it’s funny.

But if you have a perfect date, you want another one right?  Preferably with the same person… (haha, my goodness I’m in a sarcastic mood) But seriously, you want to go out again!

The food was great, the music, ambiance, all of it was idea.  So there you are sitting waiting for a text or call to invite you to the next date.  And ding.  You get another invitation.


So the next date is fabulous.  You went to the movies, got extra butter on the popcorn.  It was fun.

Then while you are home a bouquet arrives.  And a couple days later a box of chocolates.  (Yes… this is made up, I don’t know of anyone that sends chocolates – but it does sound good)

Then you go out again.  It’s amazing!  Fun – you went to the amusement park. (Another made up scenario) but how else do you expect me to get to the part where your date wins you the giant stuffed gorilla?  AND you get mini-donuts.

Three you are at home… waiting for the next “ding” but it doesn’t happen. 

About a week later you get a ding…

About two weeks after that, another ding…

Then it’s an invite to a coffee shop.  Good coffee.

You receive another invite to McDonalds…

Then a ding.  Another Ding…

Then nothing for two weeks.

By this point you lose interest.  The ding comes and you don’t respond.


Your content (date) was amazing… it was exciting… it intrigued you…  it captivated you…


Then it was boring… not special… and soon… non existant.

Annnnnnnd you lost interest and stopped responding.

Your content for your posts is exactly the same.

You must create exciting content your tribe wants to read AND you must present it to them consistently… OR

Your tribe will leave.



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