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Episode #285 – Four Guidelines to Content Creation Success!

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Make it simple.

Make it memorable.

Make it inviting to look at.

Make it fun to read.

Leo Burnett

Today’s inspiration is a great list of guidelines for content creation.  I wouldn’t say rules because rules just takes all the fun out of it but let’s explore the list…

Make it simple.  The goal of your content creation is to communicate. You need to be as clear as possible and that means simple. Remember, confusion… and worse misunderstanding happens if you are complicated.

Make it Memorable.  Do you remember three things you read yesterday.  Nope.  It’s rare to remember anything, that’s why it needs to stick out.  Another good idea is to make it timely.  That means if you have a 4th of July fireworks photo to display, don’t feature it on your Facebook post on August 13th.  That’s just lame.

Make it inviting to look at.  In recognition of this guideline, I switched up my artwork to be a little different, I like the way it looks!

Make it fun to read.  Use real world examples to help identify with your audience.  It’s always more fun to read stories than to read facts.  Well unless the facts come from the Guinness Book of World Records. What’s your favorite record?

Now, for your next post whether it’s a blog or Facebook post, keep these four guidelines in mind and enjoy the creative process!

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Action Steps
1- Create a post!  Use your four guidelines to bring it to the next level!  Go… do it now!
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