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Episode #291 – Top Three “Real World” Marketing Ideas Every Small Business Can Do… Today!

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“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” Peter Drucker

Today I thought I’d use a “show and tell” example for our topic, “Content and Consistency.”  You see… it’s fine to tell you how to do something, but there’s something a little more fun that happens when we actually experience a live example.

My example involves recycling content AND generating traffic.  Now… this also relates to our inspiration today of efficiency and effectiveness.  We want to have effective content and we want to be efficient!  After all, we’re small business owners we aren’t in the content generation business, we just want to benefit from content.

So here goes!  Today… create a top three list!  You are going to decide what you want to be your top three things, write a page about each of the three things… then create your top post that highlights each of the three things and links back to your bigger article.  Now, the most effective “lists” will be “Top 7 or Top 15” type lists, but today, let’s just do three…  To be efficient, I’m going to recycle content.

Ready???  (I printed in plum so you the post would stand out)

Top Three “Real World” Marketing Ideas Every Small Business Can Do… Today!

Small business have a number of tasks to accomplish during their day. Sometimes it’s difficult manage your time and even worse it’s hard to justify spending more money on advertising… well, here are three ideas that we’ve published before that are great ways to increase your sales without spending a lot of money!  You get the opportunity to be both efficient and effective!

Number Three:  Create An Elevator Speech – I was at a hotel and saw this great idea.  You may not have an elevator at your business, but you’re sure to have a place where people hang out with “extra time” to wait and as a result read… This article shows you how to fill that space with marketing information about your company!  Read original post on ProfitCenterCoach.com Episode #265

Number Two: Turn Your Packaging into a Gift – When your customers purchase something from you, what can you do to make it a special gift? Packaging is your last first impression!  This is especially useful when you are sending something through the mail… make it a special event for your customer!  Read original post on ProfitCenterCoach.com Episode #259

Number One: No Words, No Pictures, Great Impact – You can make a great impact with a blank space!  I received a flier from a Starbucks.  It was their standard takeout menu… but… it had a big white space at the bottom!  That gave them the flexibility to add a “special of the day” – and that’s pretty cool, it really maximizes your printing costs.  Read the original post on ProfitCenterCoach.com Episode #229

There you go!  Three awesome ideas to give your profitability a boost without breaking the bank.  Give them a try and let me know how they work out for you!

And that’s how you create a great content series where you recycle some content by linking to the page you have the article on your website while still creating a post for your followers to enjoy.  Repackaging your content gives you an edge by shining a whole new light on your ideas!

Now it’s your turn.  Go and make a list!

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Action Steps
1- Make a Top 7 list!  Come up with your top 7 things… write an individual page for each of the seven items, then make your cover page that highlights each of the top seven ideas!  It’s a great content creator!
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