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Episode #279 – It’s a Love Hate Relationship with Today’s Inspiration!

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“Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” – Jay Baer

This is when I struggle.  I have a total issue with this inspiration and yet at the same time I love it.  UGH way to start the New Year… right!?!

Here’s why I hate it.  My family has a marina with a fuel dock.  We do everything we can to keep things safe so fire is something we just don’t joke around about.  I mean, it’s to the point where I won’t let people say things like, “My feed just blew up” – nope.  we don’t say explosion, blow up… all of the above!


This inspiration is fantastic.  The reason I agree with it is because you have to be able to communicate and this is a terrific analogy.  If you think of a fire.  It burns very controlled.   Like a campfire!  It sits in the middle and provides a nice warmth.

This is just like a great post you write on your blog or website.  It’s full of useful information and people enjoy it.

Now… don’t do this, but imagine if you have a campfire and you introduce gasoline to the situation.  It will quickly multiply in size.  (that’s my very cautious way to talking about this) I know two people that have been severely burned by screwing around with fire so DON’T do it – just imagine it.

If you have social media that directs people to your website or blog post it will ignite the popularity!  You will have it multiply in size and intensity.

You see my struggle.

It is a great analogy.  Content and social media work together fantastic.  Use this tactic.  Create great content on your website and blog then use social media to continually bring traffic to the writing.

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