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Episode #273 – Create a Consistent Content Monster Feeding Schedule, Or You’ll Regret It.

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“The key to consistency? Loving the journey.”

Don’t forget to feed the content monster.  Now, that’s easier said than done… because, the thing with the content monster is that it’s really, REALLY hungry!

And the content monster is one half of our dynamic pair, content and consistency.  What that means is that your content monster wants to eat regularly!

The good news is… you get to pick the eating schedule!  Here’s where to start, set yourself up for success.  Create a content schedule that you can handle.

I’m going to back up for a moment.

The purpose of content is to support your business.  It’s not to post things for the heck of it.  You don’t want to set out to feed your content monster with junk food. You want good healthy content.

Healthy content is relevant.  It’s something that your followers want to read. It’s a gift.

Now, back to creating a content schedule you can handle.  This is the most important factor to success.  The reason it’s so important is because if you create a content schedule you can handle, you will consistently produce content!  Easy!

But one more thing that contributes to your success… and that’s that you like what you’re talking about.

I have lots of ideas about what I’d love to sell online, but you know what, I know nothing about the product/service or I cannot come up with one thing to say about the item. It’s just not realistic to pursue that type of topic for a blog. Simply put, the content monster is too hungry to wait around for you to feed it “when you feel like it” – you need to be inspired every time you write, that’s how you feed the content monster!

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Action Steps
1- Decide how often you will post.  It’s OK to have a special post, because you’re inspired.  But really get specific on the day/time that you will post each and every week.  If you know that one post a week is all you have time for, just commit to that!  But commit to something that you know you’ll succeed at… your content monster’s tummy is rumbling.
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