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Do You Own Your Reaction? – Episode 1035 – TribeologyBlog.com

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Tuesday’s Topic: Your Business is work… transform from “one and done” to Infinity

  • Today’s Quote: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
    —Milton Berle

How many buildings have one door?  Just one door?


Why is that… because every room needs an escape path from danger, for example, a fire.  I’m coming up on that time of the 24 month cycle when I need to renew my real estate license and housing nuances are top of mind.

But look at a typical home.  There’s a front door, a back door, windows, and rooms.  It’s not a bedroom unless there’s a window.  Bathrooms need vents or windows… the list goes on and on… but look at our quote for today…  Build a door.

If you’re bummed out that business is slow… that’s kind of an emergency.   If you were in your home and the front door were blocked, what you’d you do… open a window. 

So the quote is a little simplistic.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door, window, back door… or even stairway to the upper level and find a window…

You have many options available.

None more true than presented to us in the past 10 days.

What happens when Twitter shuts you down?  Go to Facebook. What happens when Facebook shuts you down? Go to Parler. What happens when Parler shuts you down?

Sit and complain.

There are HUNDREDS of social media outlets.

Do you realize I got shut out of my advertising account for one week on Facebook?  I could continue to post… but I could not advertise.

I’m not here to discuss the politics of it.  I’m pretty sure you can figure that out.

But here’s my point.

You do not own social media.  But you do own your reaction to it.

Do not depend on one platform, EVER.

I’ve taught that for a long long time.

Build an email list AND keep a back up of those names in a file that is not associated with your email provider.


The email provider can shut you down. True story, about 10 years ago Constant Contact shut me down…. nothing “bad” it was that I needed to clean my list, but I was not allowed to send an email to clean my list, therefore I could not clean the list.

Makes zero sense… but you see my point.

Last week I saw private email accounts get shut down.  Keep your own backups then you can simply move to another provider.

You must be willing to find a window, stairway, or another door.

When they shut down your ecommerce site … when I saw this happen, not to me, but it really pissed me off… you need to have a plan, do you keep a drop file of your inventory so you can move sites?

None of this “planning ahead” should be necessary, but here we are.

Stop complaining and pivot.

After Parler was taken off the air by Amazon refusing to provide server space (I think we’ll hear more from this one in the upcoming months) – where did people go?

At least 5 different places.

One of the most ingenious uses of YouTube I’ve seen is this… While pending the ever dreaded third strike… one independent journalist continue to posts daily updates that say “I’m not going to post here… come over to X where you’ll find my video” –


Use the platform to direct traffic somewhere else.  He still has access to over 500K followers… but has reduced the risk of shut down. 

All I‘m saying is this.  Use your head, there is always a window.  I think we have ALL become too reliant on being told what to do instead of thinking what works best in  our situation.

Your business relies on your message reaching customers to build loyalty.  But ALWAYS be prepare for when you channel of communication is shut down.  You do not own the platform.  But you do own your ability to plan… and you do own your ability to react.

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