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How to Easily Streamline Your Content, Without Going Bonkers – Episode 1033 – Tribeologyblog.com

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Tuesday’s Topic: Your Business is work… Change from “one and done” to Infinity

  • Today’s Quote: “The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive, and passion, it’s possible to achieve the American dream.”
    —Tommy Hilfiger

How do you achieve the American dream?  The quote says, “hard work, drive, and passion”.

I’ve heard other people say “hustle” and others that say “work smarter not harder”

So which is it?

Here’s where I’m at, build a system.  Which seems simple on the surface… you just put down into a recipe what you do and when you do it.  Then repeat.

However, let’s think about it… if it were simple everyone would be doing it.

For example… I’m reformatting this blog!  I believe you need “programming” a grand topic that occurs on the same day or time.  Like the 90s TV line up… you knew Friends would be on Thursday night, but Law and Order was on a different night. 

The content you create should follow a similar pattern.

For me, as you build an Infinity Money Machine you need 5 C’s – they are credibility, content, consistency, customers and cash… which is cool. Very easy to understand.

As you put out content it must be consistent from a credible source so customers and cash follow…

But then comes the actual “doing”.

And that’s where I’ve streamlined… It used to be 5 separate posts, now it’s three… bundled under the bigger and more personalized titles of YOU, Your Business, and Your Brand.

Monday: You need to build credibility and that’s all about YOU.

Tuesday: You need to work on Your Business… the work aspect of it – that’s your consistency and customers

Thursday: You need to get people to follow, so it’s all about Your Brand… the content and cash (ideas)

For me to serve you better, this gives me three solid days to write topics all of which are important pieces to the much bigger Infinity Money Machine.

How is that for awesome?

Now, I’m not going to lie, coming up with topics is hard.  After my 1,000 post challenge, I needed to step back, learn some more skills, and retool the message.  In other words, I was burned out.

Ever feel like that?  Hahaha

OK… so what I did, and feel free to borrow the idea, I’m operating from a one word topic a week. 

This week is “drive”. 

There are great quotes out there to emphasize drive…

But more important is that it’s important to you.  You must have a drive to get up in the morning and start working.

And we’ll go completely full circle, because it involves setting up systems.  In other words, transforming from “one and done to Infinity” – create a process and then just… repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

We’ll see how this goes, with the new format on the blog, but I feel much more energized in being able to create a better source of information for you.

As always, head over to the EntrepreneurZenZone.com – grab the coloring sheet and take a little break!  You’ll be added on our email list to get even more tips and hints to creating Passive Income Profit Centers at your business.

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