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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 960 – Dig Deep and Go Back to Your Core Skills.

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Monday Topic: Credibility —

Quote: “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”


Who are you leading? It’s a great question, but before you answer… let’s take it in the context of today’s quote.

The best you can ever be is because of the experience you have from the worst of times.


The best leaders are the ones who lead because they’ve “done it before”.  It’s easy to be a sailor in calm waters in the middle of the bay without anyone around… but when a storm blows in and you need to get back to the dock, that’s when you can tell a driver’s skill level.

Same for leaders… and I’m mentioning this because of what I’m reading online.

YES, we are in a pandemic.

YES, businesses are closed.

But what are you saying?  Are you still leading?  What do your customers need from you right now?  They need leadership.

The reason I’m mentioning this is from two messages I read today on Facebook.  Now, granted, they were not writing these messages to end user customers, they were in groups… but it made me wonder about this topic.

The first was writing because he was curious when the unemployment would kick in due to his business being closed.  I thought to myself, you’re in business for yourself, you are involved in the creation of messaging in video format for digital placement… how are you “closed”?  

Your business as you know it may have difficulty, but you have all the makings, skills, talent and connections to shift into another direction. 

Another woman was wondering if she should close because her loan payment had not arrived.  Again, I thought to myself, with your skills, talent and connections… just pivot.

This woman owned a dance studio and was unable to have dance classes.  Her problem was operating costs until the loan arrived… well, go back to your roots and teach one-on-one at a premium cost.  Just enough to sustain the business.

These are strange times that are forcing all of us to learn entirely different skills with communications.  But, it’s also a great time to simply go back to your root skill set and “start over” for a short while.

This is how you lead.

Go back to your core skills and creatively market this to your customers.  Ask them what they want… you can do this.  But only when you lead.  Dig deep you really can do this.




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