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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 894 – The Effortless Way To Increase Loyalty With Your Tribe

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Monday: Subject Matter Expert

Quote: “Leader loyalty strengthens when the relationship is based on TRUST!”


Remember back to your dating days… that time when you “put yourself out there” to meet someone to spend the rest of your life with…  maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t.

But why didn’t the date or worse yet… why didn’t the relationship work?

Most excuses come down to trust.  Think about it, if some cheated, spent money on the credit cards without you knowing… both are trust issues.

The funny thing is, as we are developing or Infinity Marketing Machine we have 5 C’s to work with – Credibility, Content, Consistency, Customers, Cash… well, the very first C and every Monday we talk about Credibility.

Credibility is your trustworthiness.  Even when we focus on your status as a Subject Matter Expert – at the base we are still focused on trust.

Your trust with your tribe.

If you have a good leader… you will follow.  If you have a bad leader… you question EVERYTHING.

When you have trust, you have loyalty.

Building trust is the effortless way to loyalty.  But that does not mean building trust is effortless.  It’s actually far from it.

To build trust you must have credibility and often one great way to do this is to receive honors and awards from third party sources.

An excellent opportunity is with your local Chamber of Commerce or your local newspaper that runs a “best of” series each year.  Get customers to vote for you or your business.

Another opportunity is with testimonials.  Now, a testimonial is a little different from a review.  They are typically more positive because you’ve asked a customer for their words.  A review… yikes… that is uncontrollable.  Hopefully good, but sometimes not. 

As you get going with your Monday, think about building trust.

Look at your local paper and Chamber of Commerce and find out what awards you might apply for, and then also ask for testimonials from key customers to use in brochures or on your website.

Both ideas are fantastic avenues to great social proof!

Both are excellent resources for building trust.

And trust is the number one way to loyalty… and loyalty transforms customers to a tribe.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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