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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 900 – Compete with Yourself and You Will Always Win!

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Monday: Credibility

Quote: “The greatest achievement is to outperform yourself.”- Denis Waitley

It’s very tempting to compete with other people. And you might ask yourself, “what the heck who else would I compete with?”

Well… it’s important to compete with those that you are equal to in skill. I know that might sound strange because it’s always the goal to exceed your best.


And that’s the key — YOUR personal best.

One great example of this is the story of what my cousin told me about a student in her yoga class. This gal had felt defeated when she couldn’t touch her toes with her legs straight out in front of her while seated.

I mean the woman next to her, who had only been to class three times could touch her toes with ease. She felt, that with all the practice she was doing she was getting no where and she asked my cousin what she was doing wrong.

My cousin answered, “nothing… have you looked at her body, she’s got short legs, you’ve got long legs”

And that’s how simple it is to get lost in competition.

It’s important to compete so you can improve your skill for the benefit of your tribe. But never get lost in the “all about me winning” trap

It’s Monday and I take the time to talk about credibility and positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert… yes, this is super important. Awards are the ideal way to have social proof for your tribe.

That endorsement from a third party as “best in class” for your business is HUGE. However, there is a balance. And that balance is not to get lost in the completion of comparison.

You are successful for emphasizing your strengths and not competing with a business in your area of weakness. Focus on your strengths and improve your abilities, every day and you will win!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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