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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 628 – Why Become a Subject Matter Expert?

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Quote: “Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise.” – DWaitley

Monday: Subject Matter Expert


Why do you need to position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert?  Because it builds credibility.  It’s as simple as that!

Now I get it that it’s “uncomfortable” to brag about yourself, but it’s not really bragging… you’re leading.  Leaders need to sell themselves.  Think of a politician, they need to give many speeches that share their platform, they hand out a flier that shows their accolades, they develop a website that also lists accomplishments. WHY? so they earn trust that they will perform the job they are seeking.

You are doing the same thing!

Whether it’s a real world business or your online presence in a store or website, there needs to be a section devoted to YOU – thus, the “about me” page.

This is where you have an opportunity to “sell” yourself.  The reason you do this is because people want to buy from people!  They do not want to buy from businesses… that’s where the small business has HUGE opportunities!

You are given the advantage of being approachable.  Therefore… USE IT!

It might seem awkward at first, but think of it in “real world” terms… when you introduce yourself or you talk with a customer, do you ever mention things about yourself that lend to your expertise?  Such as, how many years you’ve been in business or hang a diploma/certification on the wall?  These things give social proof as to WHY someone should trust you…

I’m going to give you another reason… when you position yourself as a subject matter expert you “own it” – if you choose to sell your business, do you think “that’s it”?  Let’s say you’ve owned a dance studio for 25 years… you build a mailing list, you’ve got a reputation for excellent dance productions… but you’re done.  Business sold.

Now what?

Well… you still have all the knowledge of creating dance recitals, ordering costumes, motivating teams for competition, coordinating team travel… but without positioning yourself as an expert over the 25 years, you start from ZERO after you sell the business.

NOW… if you have a blog DURING the 25 years under your own name and then you go to sell the business… you still have 25 years worth of blogging, stories, and PROOF of your expertise…  This is VALUABLE!!! You can consult, create a book, or online seminars.  You continue with your personal brand.

Separate yourself from your business and create your subject matter expert status! This is SUPER important!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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