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TribeogyBlog.com – Episode 634 – When a 5 Star Hotel Rates a Three!

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Quote: “No amount of money can buy someone credibility” – DMclaughlin

Monday: Subject Matter Expert


Becoming a Subject Matter Expert takes time and money.  BUT, money won’t buy your credibility.

Think about that.

It’s like taking photos of a hotel room at a 5 star hotel, putting them on your 3 star hotel’s website and rationalizing that, well, it LOOKS like we’re a 5 star hotel.

Great idea, until…

The guest that reserved your room shows up and BOOM they’re mad you lied.  Your hotel loses all credibility.

You tried to buy credibility with “nice” photos — it’s just too bad they were not YOUR photos.

If you had just been true to yourself and sold your best attributes you would have earned credibility.

It’s really that simple.

Time and information earns credibility — but if you short cut it by trying to buy your way it will backfire.

If in doubt, think of the hotel example!

Now that you know this little rule, what do you plan to do about it?  Will you take this information and create a post on Facebook or upload a video on Instagram?

Now’s your chance… get out there, put your time in, and share your brilliance.




Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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