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There’s a Reason I Do Not Want A Trophy – Episode 1034 – TribeologyBlog.com

1-Monday - Subject Matter Expert Success tips

Monday’s Topic: You are your business… don’t forget YOU.

  • Today’s Quote: “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”
    —Henry Ford

When you’re playing sports in school there are lots of “inspirational” sayings or coach “pep talks”

You hear the “try again” or “practice makes perfect”.

But then there is the side that something changed.  I remember when I had to miss a little league tournament and I returned to find a trophy for me. 

I was irritated at age 11.  I couldn’t asked the coach why I would get a trophy when I wasn’t even at the game.  His answer was, “you’re part of the team”

It was about that time I realized that I was not cut out for team sports.

There is a difference between “try again” and “everyone gets a trophy”

When you fail it’s a chance to figure out what the heck went wrong, regroup, adjust, and try again. 

But you learn nothing by receiving a trophy without fighting for the trophy.

I was happy the team won.  But honestly, I did not share their joy because I did not walk their path.  Would I have been expected to share their upset… three days later… if they had lost?  It would be impossible.

Your customers are the same.  They do not care what you have been through.

One of my biggest laughs is when people say “your customer is part of your team” 

Everyone laugh.

That is the one of the most absurd statements spoken. 

Like my team trophy for not playing the tournament…. How could your customer EVER be on your team?  They have their own individual journey that brought them to your store.  But this should never be confused with walking the same path.

Your customer is not your friend.  You work for them.

What the heck?

You went into business to not have a boss… right… well, I hate to shock you – but you work for them, they pay you.  Just like an employer paid you.

This is why you can never be on a “team” with your customer.  They rank at a different level of power. 

That is why credibility, YOUR personal credibility is vital. 

If you take a “slam” or “bad review” as a personal attack, you are failing yourself.  You are a person, the business is a business.

As an entrepreneur you may lose your identity in your business, but if the business fails it does not mean you failed.

Along your journey make sure to build the YOU.  But build it under a separate umbrella.

What do I mean?

This blog… this blog is a separate entity from Infinitypreneur. 

You should do the same.

Easy example.  Let’s say you are a dance studio and you write a blog weekly on your dance website.

What happens when you sell the studio?  You sell the website… does the blog go away, too?


Separate the function of your blog from your website.  When you are done teaching… you may go into consulting and ALL of your posts are YOUR property.

This is a very important credibility builder.

So not only does it help you with separating your identity from your business… it helps you build an archive of credibility AND gives you another purpose behind your writings!

This is a small but VERY significant tip…

Visit MissFunctioning for our best reboot – a 32 Day Gratitude Journal for Small Business Owners.  It’s the opportunity to focus your mindset and excel at “you”.

As always, head over to the EntrepreneurZenZone.com – grab the coloring sheet and take a little break!  You’ll be added on our email list to get even more tips and hints to creating Passive Income Profit Centers at your business.

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