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Why There is No Such Thing as a “Work Life Balance” – Episode 1038

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Monday’s Topic: You are your business… don’t forget YOU.

  • Today’s Quote: “Everything is practice.”

Because you are your business, everything you do is your business. 

I love when people say they have a “work life balance” way of life… and that what they strive for is to have private time with family…

Yeah, here’s a newsflash – that doesn’t happen anymore.

Depressing thought, right? But it’s true. 

Did you see the video of the 15 year old that use the “N” word on a 10 second video… who some creep kept for three years to teach her a lesson and she was dropped from college admissions and scholarships.

There’s my point.  You have ZERO chance for a separation of a “work life balance” you are your work and your work is you… otherwise it wouldn’t make a darn bit of difference what this 15 year old did, or that three years later it would have a life altering consequence.

Let this sink in.

I often say as you are going through the motions and earning credibility among your followers you need to recognize that all of you is attracting your audience.

What you do on your “private pages” is simply not an excuse for what you sell publically… it would be like saying, I’m selling a great weight loss product but I’m 50lbs over weight – yet it’s a great product.

It might be the most amazing product in the universe, but your credibility will soar if you are the representative of the product.

So… what am I getting at?

Today’s quote is… “Everything is practice” – which means to me, everything you do is your reality.  If you practice like crap you will perform like crap.

If you are untruthful in your claims (think the overweight diet specialist) you will be untruthful in your credibility.

These are little tidbits to chew on as you set out to make your day amazing.

Be the practice you live… start this now and your credibility will grow.

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