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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 489 – Third Party Proof is the Online Substitute for First Hand Interaction

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“Excellence is not Being The Best; It is Doing The Best.”

Monday Topic: Character (Subject Matter Expert)

Welcome to Monday!  We’re starting the week with us.

I know… you’re thinking, “she’s way too happy for a Monday morning” — well you’re right!  Time to get up and think positive thoughts about ourselves.

It’s time to promote yourself.

This is a very important skill to learn and practice because you need to get the word out about YOU.  The reason behind this is to build credibility online.

If you had a customer in front of you they would be able to ask questions and gauge your honesty by your answers, not just what you say… but how you say it.

Online, you need to build your Subject Matter Expertise.  This is the magic that is you… meaning 3rd party things that help tell your story.  For example, your educational training, this could be a degree or certificate.  Both are earned from a 3rd party institution.

You could include newspaper or magazine articles that show your credibility.  Again, written by a source, other than you, helps to tell your story.  Here’s a story about how I’ve implemented the Infinity Marketing Machine at our family marina… cool, eh?  I like to think that when you read it, it adds to my social proof!

Awards are a great source of 3rd party proof, too.  Show the photo of you on stage or the trophy you won.  These are all helpful things to show a total story about you and your excellence.

Remember, just like today’s inspiration state, excellence is not being best, it’s doing the best.  HOWEVER, to do your best… sometimes you need to prove how you are the best and that comes from boasting your Subject Matter Expertise.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Week in Review”!
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