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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 495 – Go Full Circle and Don’t Learn in a Classroom!

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“If you want to be powerful in life you have to educate yourself.”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert

This morning I had a thought… When did “we” as a society get to a point where only professional training “counts”.  If you don’t learn it in a classroom with a “professional” instructor, it’s not valid.

Since when?

Forever… up until maybe a generation ago… we learned from each other!  It seemed to work really well.  The formal education was a specialty, now… it seems pretty much like a stepping stone.  I’m not going down that path.

The path I am going down is to share the peer to peer exchange of ideas.

Have you ever jumped into a group chat?  Do you read comments on posts and learn new things?  Have you read a book or magazine lately?  How about a course on Udemy?

I like today’s inspiration because it encourages everyone to continue to learn… always.

When I was thinking about this earlier today it occurred to me… what I’m sharing with your is what I’ve learned from many people, books, seminars, trial, error, videos, and group chats.  Never once have I stepped foot into a college course to learn about the “new marketing”

You reading this blog post proves you also believe in peer-to-peer learning!

It’s so valuable.

You can and should list this in your background of skills that helps you to boost your social proof.  List the seminars you attend.  List the books you’ve read.  List the online courses you’ve completed.  These are valid learning experiences!

I just wanted to take a moment to share that in today’s rapidly changing technological whirl wind, peer-to-peer is a totally valid source of education and learning… it was not that long ago that the only way to learn anything was peer-to-peer via apprentice ships…. so I think we’ve gone full circle.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Week in Review”!
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