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Keep it Simple with Signage Idea for Tea

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Have you ever been stuck in a line?  This could be traffic or just the line to register for a conference.  You see the general line but have no idea which direction will be your path.

Take driving as the example.  I hate hate hate being on any road and not knowing if I need to be in the left or right lane.  At conferences, the wrong line just wastes time.  How about tea?

That’s right, last night I saw a brilliant idea at my favorite Disney Springs restaurant.  This restaurant has a high traffic beverage pit.  I call it a pit because all the beverages are packed into one corner, soda on right, cups on left, coffee, tea and lemonade on the counter. I’ve been to this restaurant many times before and I have to say the new set up is amazing.  They have made it a zillion times better for people to move though the process.  And one thing I noticed in the pit was how they marked their non-soda selections.  It’s on the canister AND they put signs on the wall above the beverage.

Think about this simple signage hint for your business.  All they did was put the sign in a frame to give it better presentation and hung it on the wall above the canister.  You can see it from behind the seas of heads waiting for their beverage.  You know where the tea is, you can see it, life is calm as you maneuver (push and shove) your way to the correct area.  It’s brilliant!  It’s a small logistic trick to set yourself apart from the rest.

Try it!

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