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Episode #98 – You Want Great… Don’t Stop at Good!

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Keep Going.  It seems like a lot of effort and things are good. But keep going.


Because your goal is important!  When you take the time to goal set, achievement is awesome.  If you take the time to “goal think” then good becomes awesome…  What is goal think?  Goal think is where you do all of the envisioning and hoping and thinking that achieving something would be super awesome, but you never write down what you actually want.

Go through the process of a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goal setting exercise which will include putting the goal to paper.  Then go back and check your progress.  The reason it’s important to write it down is to give you an end result.  (visit my webpage: Goal Attainment“)

We’ve all been in the middle of an “improvement” phase and thought, “hey this is pretty good” and stopped.   That’s why the last 10 pounds don’t come off or why your finances improve but you don’t hit financial freedom with zero debt.  You feel healthier and the super stress of your finances have disappeared so you feel good, but wouldn’t you rather feel great?  That’s where the real work comes in and if you had a goal on your paper, although you felt good… you’d see that when you set out on the journey, you weren’t quite there.

Write down the goals

Don’t settle for the short term good instead of the long term great!

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Action Step
1- Write down a “today” goal. Something you want to accomplish today…
2- Do it.
3- Write down a “This week goal” and an “At the end of the month goal…”
4- Start
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