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Episode #97 – When Do I Post? That’s the Wrong Question…

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Do you remember the commercial of the two older ladies “posting” to their “wall”?  The commercial where the one lady is actually taping photos to her living room wall and the other lady says, “that’s not how any of this works…”  That lady is our leader.  If you find yourself asking, “when do I post?” or  “How do I get this auto post feature to work?”   Repeat her words… “that’s not how any of this works”

If you are using an auto post program and generating daily posts from “the day of” calendar, please quit torturing your followers.  Before you press “post” ask yourself this one question… “If this came up on my feed would I read it and would I ‘like’ it?”

If your response is “no” do not post.

Your time is too precious to write crappy posts.  Quit posting because someone said “you have to post 7 times a day on 6 platforms”  This method is not effective.  What is effective is producing quality content. Personal information targeted to your audience.  Not “personal” information, but information that lets your followers find out about “YOU” – last week I posted a photo of our crew eating fish from the local Fire Department Fish Fry Fundraiser.  It was a cute photo… nothing you’d see in an advertisement… but it was something that was relevant, timely, and also shared with my audience an important event was taking place, and it wasn’t at our business.

As a small business, your audience is everything.  Instead of relying on “the platforms” like Facebook or Instagram, you need to start capturing and loving your own audience via email.  The reason is to be in control.  You do not own the audience you create on Facebook.  Think about it, do you pay a monthly hosting fee?  Nope.  If they shut down your page, what happens next?  The time to start building your audience is now.

Today’s inspiration is true, we are quickly moving from a ‘be everywhere’ to ‘be where it matters’ form of business.  The world market is now able to be “niched” in amazing ways.  Therefore, the goal is to use the social platforms as megaphones for your message to ultimately capture emails with a fishing net (database) to grow your own audience.

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Action Step
1- Before you post something… Ask the question, “If this came up on my feed would I read it or ‘like’ it?” – if the answer is, “no” – do not post it.
2- Start developing your own audience!
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