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Episode #96 – Don’t Go Backward! Implement Ideas for Your Small Business Growth

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A long time ago I was 13 years old.  Our grocery store had just installed UPC technology at the cash register.  It was fascinating.  I watched the clerk take the cans and one by one swipe them over the red laser.  Bing Bing the item was added to the receipt.   This had to be one of the most magical things I’d ever seen.  While I was watching the canned peas go over the red light something flashed in my head. It was an idea about an improvement to a road trip my family recently took.  We drove to Illinois and I experienced toll booths.  Watching the cans of food travel over the light I thought, “if only cars had giant UPC symbols on the roof you’d never have to stop”

That was 1983.

Thank goodness someone developed a much smaller technology. But what an idea!

Imagine if I had run with my idea.  What if I had created the way to make a car go through a toll booth without stopping… that would be pretty cool.

Lots of “what if’s” in that statement and that’s the problem of not acting.  It’s super easy to say “what if” and much harder to take an idea and implement it.  You’ve got to take action.

The ideas I’m talking about are the ones that are realistic.  Sure, I could have taken my idea for the UPC car to market, but sheeh… in 1983, with no internet, that would have been a large task.  So although awesome, it wasn’t very realistic.  Now… on the other hand, your business thrives with fresh ideas. Create an environment that allows you to think and expand your ideas, products and services.  But more important is to implement the ideas.  If you keep thinking without implementing, you will move backward.

Why will you move backward?

Well… if you do not go forward, but your competitors go forward, you actually end up with a bigger gap and that’s negative progress!

Therefore, come up with those great ideas and implement them!

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Action Step
1- Think Creatively – take a minute to brainstorm how you can make more money with your business… what products or services can you offer… think about what customers have asked you for that you don’t do or offer, what things the competition has sold, nothing is too odd.  Just get it all down on paper.
2- Put the ideas in order from easiest to hardest.  Now implement!  Do one on the list, now…
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