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Episode #95 – Start NOW! Quit Using Perfection as an Excuse.

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What’s holding you back?  Fear… Perfection… both?  I’m a little under time right now to create this post because I sat down and the ideas started flowing for a speech for my Toastmasters meeting, tomorrow.  Yikes!

The crazy thing is… it wasn’t the perfect time or ideal setting, but the idea was there and I just started jotting it down.  The speech is tomorrow and perfectionists out there would roll their eyes and say, “you are at the idea phase, and the speech is tomorrow?”

My answer is… “YES!  And I’m giving it”

I give you permission to just “do”.  It no longer has to be perfect to get off your plate.

There is one thing I really love about social media marketing.  It does not have to be perfect.  And quite frankly, it works better if it’s not polished, perfect, error free.

These days, people just want real.  They want to see the behind the scenes things happening at your business.  They want to hear about the funny stories.  They feel your pain when your entire phone system goes down (like it did for me yesterday…. UGHHHHH).

Today’s messaging is real, gritty, and sometimes spelled strangely.  Sure, work for great grammar.  I believe that is still important.  But if someone wants to roll their eyes because you spelled something wrong, they’re not your ideal customer.  Your ideal customer loves the real you, flaws and all.  Rolling eye customer need to go to “perfect grammar store” down the street.  Here’s the silly thing about “perfect grammar store” they don’t post!  They’re afraid of something not being perfect!

How ironic!

The time will never be right, ideal, perfect… but it will always going to be OK.  Just jump in and start!

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