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Episode #301 -People Love Photos… So Give Them What They Love!

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Try This

Quick and simple idea alert!  Share photos!

You’ve seen people share photos on the internet using a Facebook feed… but, how about in their store?

Digital frames are cheap!  When you put it on your your counter you can share your services “in action”. It helps to show your services that may not be “seen”- let’s say recital practice for a dance studio, decorating a cupcake, or even play time for dogs at a daycare.

Here’s another cool feature of digital frames… you can create a word picture, save as jpg and upload it… you have the immediate ability to share your message!

One step further… get a photo frame that accepts email auto uploads.  If you have a business that takes place “away” from your store, like running, biking, hunting, special events, parades, etc… you can ask customers to take photos and email them to your frame.  Let’s say you’re a marina that rents boats, it’s fun to have customers email you their photos and upload them – it creates an “ownership” moment in your store… entirely different from an internet moment.  Imagine if you were a college admissions counselor and you were talking to a new client in your office and a happy college student sent you a new photo!

There are fun ways to use non-internet type digital technologies, EASILY in your store!

Now it’s your… try it!

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Action Steps
1- How can you use a photo frame in your business?  In your store… at a trade show… it’s easy!  Just upload photos that tell a story and plug it in.
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)


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