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Episode #257 – Find More Customers By Exceeding Expectations… If Know What the Expectations Are!

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“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.” Roy H Williams

Have you ever wondered how to sell more stuff?  I’m guessing every day as you work at your business this question crosses your mind.  Maybe not in that exact form but you want to increase sales or make more money.

The funny thing is, the most obvious way to make more money is to ask people what they want to buy.

It might be as easy as asking them but sometimes you want to be a little more subtle and sometimes the fastest way to find out is to create a satisfaction survey.

If you start by surveying “how you’re doing now” you’ll be able to figure out where you are not meeting those expectations.  It’s an easy start.

Another idea is to take key customers and talk to them.  Most people are pretty happy to tell you what they like and why they like your business.  You can ask what they don’t like, but one cautionary tale, unless you plan to make changes/upgrades/replacements – be careful how far you ask.  You don’t want to be perceived as not responsive to suggestions.

Between surveys and conversations you are learning the likes and dislikes of the people that are working with you.  This level of care is important to the future of your business. Remember the goal is to switch from “one and done” customers.  If you want to get to the concept of an “infinity customer” you need to dig deeper into your business relationship.  When you are willing to do research you will find the expectations. When the expectations reveal themselves, the motto of “exceeding expectations’ becomes your new reality!

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Action Steps
1- Identify one area of your business that you want to improve.
2- Develop a simple 5 question survey that you can give after the sale
3- Create the survey
4- By the end of the day have this survey printed and start using it!
5- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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