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Episode #243 – Share Your Everyday Boring!

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“Nobody got anywhere by doing something once. Stay consistent, work hard, and never, ever give up.”

Time for a pep-talk!  It’s hard to create content.  You take time, create a list of items you want your audience to know about… you work on the topic and you publish.  Then it’s very quiet, almost like no one is listening to you.

It feels useless, silly, and not important.


You need to keep going because our inspiration for today says it all!  There’s only one place you get by doing something once… that’s right a memory!

You want to be more than a memory with your customers.  Especially if you have a “busy season” and a “not busy season”.  You need your customers to know that you are thinking of them.

Let’s look at the marina for a second.  It’s very quickly becoming winter in Minnesota.  Not very fun for boating.  But, we are still 100% in boating.  We are winterizing engines and working on shrinkwrapping, and relocating boats.  It’s a very big deal.

Our customer on the other hand, they are not boating.  It’s just that simple.  There is no afternoon cruise.  No going to dinner at the local boat up restaurant.

We are not top of mind in our customer’s day… however, they are top of mind in ours!

So how do you level this playing field?  You communicate with your customers CONSISTENTLY!  We want them to know, that even though the lake is frozen, boating is still important!  We share things we are doing, what is happening around the lake, and what is coming up to hopefully make the winter seem a little shorter!

This is not hard to do… but it is a mind-shift.

For the Infinity Marketing Machine to work you must be willing to share information over and over.  What’s funny is… I’m regularly surprised that people think what we do in the winter is “interesting”.   I don’t think it’s interesting, but I’m not writing for me, I’m writing for them!  They love visiting our marina and they want to stay connected.

Give your customers what they want, regardless of how boring you think it is… they want to connect with you… connect!

Be consistent.

Build the relationship.  If you settle for “one and done” when it comes to content, you’re going to have a hard time being consistent and being consistent is fundamental to your success in the Infinity Marketing Machine system.  It’s time to share your boring!

Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1-  What are you doing today… possibly right now that’s boring or mundane to you that your customers would probably find interesting?  Take a minute to write them, either by post or by email! Share your everyday boring.
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