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Episode #237 – If You Wouldn’t Read It – Don’t Post It

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“Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity.”

Are you sprinting or running a marathon?  Maybe you should just focus on walking on a treadmill!

If you sprint you get all sorts of energy out right away.  The marathon gives you a good deal of consistency… but walking is an activity that is much easier to get used to.

Your social media plan needs to be as consistent as walking on a treadmill.  You need to just keep going forward, no real increase in speed, just consistent.  Quality output at regular intervals.

It might seem boring.

But boring doesn’t mean trivial.

Just because you have chosen every Tuesday and Thursday to share information with your followers… doesn’t mean it is a repeat of the cat holding onto a branch with the phrase “hang in there”.  (I had one of those on my wall in middle school)  Hated it then… still think it’s pretty lame.

So don’t fall into that trap.  Make sure to provide awesome content.  Now, granted… everything you share won’t be on the top 10 list, after all, you can only have 10 on that list (haha) – but you should at least have something to post that YOU would read yourself.

If you wouldn’t read it… don’t post it!


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Action Steps
1-  Create a post that is really worth reading!  How about a top 10 list!  Create your top ten of something…
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