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Episode #236 – Build Yourself Up Instead of Tearing Someone Down

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“No matter your situation, never let your emotions overpower your intelligence.”

One of the most powerful and least utilized tools you have in building your Infinity Marketing Machine is your ability to control your character message.

I’m still surprised how many people do not have a Linked In profile.  This is the easiest way to categorize your achievements and market yourself as a creditable representative online.  Other people look to your profile to gain confidence that they are working with or have the desire to work with someone that is trustworthy.

Owning your corner of the web can be this easy.

You set up a profile and you enhance your message.  Other people find you and add to your network.  This is when your “voice” becomes important.

For the most part, Linked In has remained neutral with regards to “hot button” topics.  It’s not that you cannot post your opinion, it’s just traditionally been kept to a minimum.

Some “thought leaders” have adopted a viewpoint that you should express your personal opinion on this platform.  I say, use caution.  It’s not that you can’t have an opinion, but when you are representing your business or professional status, this is different from Facebook.  It’s not a personal platform.  Just realize this as you form your message.

There’s a difference between positioning yourself as a thought leader by sharing your expertise on your posts and jumping on to contradict someone else’s view point.   Build yourself and your viewpoint instead of tearing down the view point of someone else.


Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
Infinity Marketing Machine

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