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Why Give Something for Free?

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So why would you give away something for free?  Because it works!

As you are building your audience, the best way to build trust in your product is to give one of your offerings for free.  This could be a free sample, a trial period, a taste test.  We’ve been doing this for years.

Grocery stores on a Saturday afternoon have lots of free samples.  One that comes to mind is pizza… you get that tiny little piece of pizza and you’re hooked, you need to buy the pizza.  In the digital world, Amazon gives a free chapter of a book…  Once you read that, you need the whole book. So what can you offer for free?  Can you develop a checklist or video?

If you’re still having trouble with the concept of free how about if you think about it as advertising.  Instead of paying the newspaper the $150 for an ad, what you are doing is giving very targeted people their share of your $150 advertising budget.  For example, I just downloaded a free app to create a message from Santa.  There is no way I would have purchased either the app or the video because I’m not the right market.  However, I saw it promoted on Fox and Friends and though I’d give it a try.  I sent a Santa Message to my dog, Mr. Pancake. Make sure to check it out – it’s kinda cute.

Let’s look at what happened by offering the app for free and more important allowing me to create a message for free…  I installed their app.  I created a video.  I texted 5 people the link and emailed one person.  I posted the link on my dog’s webpage (yes, my dog has a webpage… PancakeLover.com). I reposted that link to my personal Facebook page which is something I rarely do. Finally, I’m blogging about it.  This blog will be posted to my BigFishIdeas.com Facebook page, too.  So that’s the awesome power of free!  That’s a whole bunch of advertising this company receives from first allowing me to use their product for free and second having an awesome product I want to tell everyone about.

Now it’s your turn… get out there and create something for free!

More ideas: BigFishIdeas.com

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