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Small Things for Big Rewards

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The other day I was at my credit union and I noticed something… it was wonderful and thrilling all at the same time.  They installed a vending machine in the hallway!

I know this doesn’t seem like big exciting change.  But it really is!  About 3 years ago I put a suggestion into the collection box and said, “put a pop machine in the hall” – I’m not saying I’m the reason it was installed but I can think it, right?!?  The reason it’s so exciting is my credit union is located in the city.  They have free parking for their customers.  Well, the last thing you want to do when you’re thirsty or hungry is relocate your car in a busy downtown area. You simply want to grab a snack and go!  I don’t want to drive to the fast food restaurant and go through the drive through, or cross two major streets to get to the convenience store.  Now I can simply use the vending machine on my way to my car.  It’s so convenient!

This simple installation of a vending machine will become a new profit center for the credit union.  Just wait.  From my standpoint I simply love that I can use it, it’s a huge goodwill booster for me.  From the credit union side, they will make money – just wait!

Can you add a vending machine or some sort of automated service to your business?  It may be completely unrelated but be totally welcomed by your customers, think about it!



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