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Host an Event and Take Photos

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Why host an event?  You’ve probably asked yourself that question somewhere in the middle of your planning. You feel overwhelmed on top of that fear that no one will show up.  Or like me, you plan a great open house event where you invited local dignitaries and law enforcement exhibits, and 45 minutes before it’s due to start, you step in a hole and blow out your ankle.  Yes, I was in the emergency room on my cell phone giving “orders” on what/who went where.  UGHHH I’d recommend including in your contingency plan “who’s in charge of the activity in the event (fill in blank) happens”.  But, we did win a national award for this event, so it must have gone well…

Normally your event goes well and you have an awesome time!  So let’s address the real why of hosting an event.  People, fun and funnel.  Events bring people in the door and gain some benefit about your product/service, it should always have a goal of moving them further in the funnel. Whether changing a person into a prospect or a prospect into a consumer, or to build loyalty of your consumers.  Events don’t have to be huge, sometimes a customer appreciation open house where you have coffee and donuts can be effective.  It’s a great way to see people face to face, and you get donuts! Yum.

Events and planning of events are perfect content busters to share on your social media channels.  Not just day of, but a couple weeks (or months) before.  The obvious posts are about what you will be doing at the event and logistics like the hours and location of the event.  But then get creative and take a photo during a planning meeting or a photo of the brown boxes that arrive with “stuff” for the event.  It makes it real and builds anticipation.  Remember your social outlets are designed to be the conversation you’d have “in person” with your customer. So if your customer walked in and saw a big shipment of boxes they may ask about it, so pretend you have an invisible customer walking by your side and talk to him or her “online”.  It’s a great way to come up with chatty creative content.

The nice thing about an event is you can take photos this year to use next year!  (keep that in mind as you are taking photos… nothing is too lame, I mean a photo of balloons can be helpful for a post in the future).  FYI, the photo I’m using is, well, from a while ago. The gal holding the balloons at the time was a sophomore in college, now she’s at job number two after passing the bar and it’s still a great celebration balloon photo!

I love events… they are the kind of thing that just build on itself.  Happy events OH and watch out for holes!  Ouch.


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