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Episode #88 – Find Humor If You Can’t Solve the Problem

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“I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it” – F.Clark

The one day my dad was very busy at work. (Remember we’re a family business so we work together) – Anyway, he was trying to get several things done at the same time, he picked up the phone and held it in his neck then his cell phone started ringing.  Now it’s not just any cell phone… he still has a flip phone.

Two years ago, he dropped his flip phone in the lake and I needed to drive to the phone store for a replacement.  I said to my dad, “I doubt they even make flip phones anymore.” I was secretly hoping he’d have to change to a smartphone.   So I walked in the store, went to the counter, and asked, “do you have flip phones?”  The curly haired teenager said, “yeah, I think so, it’s over there” and he pointed to “there”.  Sure enough, among the 50 shiny phones was one, dusty, sad, flip phone.

Flash forward two years to the busy day with my dad cradling the “land line” phone receiver in his neck.  His flip phone, something we call the “hot line”, started ringing.  All I could hear was him struggling, cradled phone in neck, and fumbling to get the hot line out of his coat.  Next I hear, “hello… Hello… HELLO” as he was yelling in the flip phone.  No one was answering so he gave it another try… “HELLO!”  And then he said, “Oh I called myself”

I tried not to laugh out loud, but it was hilarious.

So I’ll have to agree with today’s quote, if you can’t solve the problem, find humor in it! He is computer savvy, he can use email, but so far… the flip phone is not going anywhere.  At times, when my smart phone bings, bops, and even cha-chings (although I like that sound), I kind of wish I still had my flip phone.

Technology can do amazing things, but, don’t go overboard.  I created a couple videos for our boat rental check-in process.  They help explain some pre-cruise details.   When they’re watched, I’ll know that each renter has received a consistent message.  Here’s the deal.   I was planning to buy an ipad to show the movie that I uploaded to YouTube.  Yesterday, at our local office supply, I found tablets on sale for $49 sure they have only 16G of memory, but they’re perfect!  I don’t need anything more than the ability to access YouTube.  I had no idea that the technology had dropped so far in price.

Keep this in mind because if you can better explain your services with a video or photo series, tablets are affordable!  They also have that benefit of making you look modern, especially if you still have a series of VHS demonstration tapes!  (haha)

How can you use a tablet as a sales tool in your store to better showcase your products or services?


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Action Step
1- When you come across a problem today, try to see the humor in it!
2- Is there somewhere you can use a tablet to better communicate your message with customers?  If yes… go get one, they’re cheap!!!
3- Share your funny story or use of a tablet with the group, use the form on our app… it’s free! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)


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