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Episode #86 – Warning! Don’t Hire This Person! “Adulting is Hard”

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“I Can’t Adult Today” – Yep. That’s what her T-shirt read.

I saw this and thought… OK, I’ll be honest…  I thought this after my initial disgust and judgement of her as a person… but I did get around to this thought.  Would she wear a shirt that says, “I am immature, irresponsible, flighty, and resist people who give me money, food, and shelter”   Because after all, if you don’t want to “Adult” today, what you are doing is “Child” today.  And quite frankly, where are her parents if she doesn’t want to “Adult” today, shouldn’t they be with her holding her hand.  Oh wait!  Would she wear that shirt in their presence?  Unfortunately there are a lot of people that wouldn’t  even know it’s wrong.

So there’s my tangent. Whew.

Now I’m going to elaborate.

Did you catch my sentence, “…after my initial disgust and judgement of her…” Oh Yeah, I judged her.  I did it right away.  I decided right then and there I didn’t like her as a person.  Granted, I want to thank her for coming with a “warning label” right there on her chest telling me what kind of human she is, and what kind of work ethic she aspires to, because at least anyone coming into contact with her knows exactly what they’re getting.

This is no different than my hatred of T shirts that say, “slut” or “bitch” or “princess” or “drunk” or anything else dehumanizing.  That’s why today’s quote is amazing.

“How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.” S. Marabili

She can wear whatever she wants… you can wear whatever you want… but do not be upset with me for responding to your billboard.   You advertise yourself as a “bitch” right there on your chest, you automatically set yourself up for a response/interaction.  Words Mean Things.  If you wear a shirt that says, “Adulting is Hard” do not expect to be given responsibility.

And this is my point to small business owners.  Don’t hire these people.

Ahhh, but wait… how do you recognize them?  If you’re lucky, when they come to apply for your job, they’ll be wearing this shirt.  But most of the time they’re hidden.

Or are they?

When you get an application…  GOOGLE their name, put the first and last name in quotation marks.  Do the search with your city.  Google their phone number.  Google their address.  You’ll be amazed at what you find!  Search their Facebook Profile, Instagram Profile, Twitter Account, Pinterest Boards, Linked In Account.  They are proud of this shirt.  They are so proud of it that they wear it in public!  I’ll give it a 99% shot that it’s in a photo on their profile.  Go a step further, find a party or group photo on their profile, look at who they’ve tagged as friends, and investigate the friends’ profiles.  When you find it, don’t hire them.


Because, unless you are in a business where you want to attract a bunch of clients that “don’t want to ‘Adult Today’” you do not want your company name attached to this person.

Clients will look to who your employees are and they do investigate (creep) their profiles!

If you are a small shop and hire one or two people you must be able to depend on them.  Do you really want your company name attached as “employer” of  the “Adulting is Hard” girl?

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Action Step
1- Google and Research people before you hire them!  You do research on the best refrigerator to buy, do this the same way!  Look to an applicants friends – who they hang out and associate with shows a lot about their character.
2- People research you, too.  Take control and become a Subject Matter Expert – read my article here.
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