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Episode #76 – Think Cake to Solve Business Problems!

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What do you have if you’ve got; eggs, flour, sugar, milk, salt, butter?
You’ve got ingredients.

What happens when you dump them in a large bowl and mix together?
You have batter.

Neither produces cake.

It’s only when you take ingredients, follow a recipe and bake it does the magic of a cake take place.

Think of your business in these three similar areas:


If something you are doing is not producing results figure out which outcome you’re achieving.  For example, of you have a great product but no one is buying, maybe you are stuck at the ingredients phase.  Think about it.  Products are ingredients until you tell someone how to use them.  Sell the Sizzle.

If you have great products and people understand how to use them but just won’t buy you’re stuck at recipe.  So you’ve got some great batter, but can’t quite find the oven.  Where is the oven?  Do you need testimonals from current customers, or do you need video of the product in action?  Maybe the oven isn’t hot enough, for example people put your item in their cart and ditch because shipping is too high…

I know it seems dorky, but this simple three step process of ingredients, recipe, and action will help you figure out many problems in your business.

Next… try it with social media!

If you do not get engagement and you feel like all you do is post things… you’re stuck in the recipe phase!  You are posting ingredients on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter… but they’re just sitting there like a big bowl of batter.  You’ve got to flip your role and be the customer.  As the customer what do you want to read?  When you change your mindset that temperature in the oven will rise and people will engage.

See, it’s a dorky analogy but it makes sense.  Oh, and you can tell my choice of ingredients… if I make a cake, it definitely comes out of a box!  Hahaha

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Action Step
1- Where are you frustrated with your business?  Is it that you think an item should be selling more?  Should you be getting repeat business?  Find your problem
2-Think Cake!  Why isn’t your cake baking… is it the ingredients or the recipe… make adjustments and toss it in the oven!
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