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Episode #65 – Plan, Prepare, and Expect to Win

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Each day make a plan… each day have a goal… and each day prepare your journey to your goal! It’s the little things every day that create your big success! 

I like this quote by Zig Zigler, “You were born to win,, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”  If you prefer the word success you can plug that in as well…

You were born to win  (succeed)
But to be a winner (success)
You must PLAN to win (succeed)
PREPARE to win (succeed)
EXPECT to win (succeed)

Either way it the important three words do not change and that’s Plan, Prepare, and Expect.  It’s impossible to expect to win or succeed if you do not have an outcome.  Therefore, for this quote to have an impact you must set a goal.  In order to achieve the goal you must implement steps toward the accomplishment, and to identify the steps it starts with a plan.

So the statement on the surface “sounds nice” but when you stop and dig in deep, it’s pretty awesome.

Print up this inspiration and use it as a daily reminder to start your day with the outcome you want to achieve.  Remember your big successes in you business are made in your daily climb.

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Action Step
1-Start a daily plan/prepare/expect journey
2-Start today! (come up with your daily goal)
3-Create your plan… and DO!

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