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Episode #61 – Focus on Purpose Not Money

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Duck! Get it? The blog photo is of ducks in a row… you need to focus on purpose. When you focus on purpose, the money will follow. Time to get those ducks in a row!

It’s true… what you focus on is what you get.  Despite the fact that bills come every month, if you focus on paying bills that is all you will get.  If you stress out about having enough money to pay bills that is all you will get.  Quit focusing on the bills and focus on the thing that causes other people to exchange it for money.  (otherwise known as your product or service)

What do you love doing?  Why do you love creating this?

For example… I have a dog and the best thing ever created is a doggy day care!  If you run a doggy day care you must love dogs.  But step back and think about what your customer loves about THEIR dog.  For me, the safety of my dog is number one… but I love adorable photos of my dog being happy.  How does this translate to another product or service?  Offer photo days of the dogs or access to web streaming of the dogs.  It’s not about paying the bill, it’s about the purpose.  Focus on the purpose (safety of the dog) and the bills will take care of themselves.

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Action Step
1- Pick one of your products or services
2- What is the number one reason a customer gives you money for that product or service?  (is it to cause pleasure or to eliminate pain) – get to the real emotional reason.
3- Brainstorm HOW you can find another way to solve that basic problem.  They’re coming to you already, cast a bigger net.  What other way, angle, or option you can offer to also help solve that problem?

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