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Episode #315 – The Reason a Business Personality Matters and Why You Should Care.

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“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is… it’s what consumers tell each other it is.” SCook

If you’ve had a small business for a while you’ll remember running it prior to the internet, or just as the internet was starting.  You also remember phone trees and having negative experiences with a “help” desk at a large business.  Then social media happened.  This gave consumers a voice.

We can argue the merits of whether this is a good thing or bad thing but that’s simply not productive.  We are here to improve our situation using the Infinity Marketing Machine.  So here goes.  If you think you control your brand, guess again.

You get to control the branding, that is, you get to formulate a message throw it against the wall and see if it sticks.  You get to take photos, write blogs, and create videos, but whether they match the expectations of your customers is up to…. ta da… your customers.

Here’s why.

Social media has leveled the playing field for consumers.  It’s actually made it uneven for the bad customers… you know the ones I’m talking about.  The customer that is never satisfied and will give you a bad review anyway… they tend to have a slight upper hand. Well, that is until they write some absurd review.  Don’t fret… when they show their crazy, other people see it too.

But this even playing field really affects you.  Gone are the days when you could create a brand and that was it.

I like to refer to social media as the personality of your business.  The reason is, your business can be sued and it needs to pay taxes, both things that a person can and must do… well people have personalities, and now businesses have personalities.  That means, just like people relate to people, businesses relate to people.

This ability to relate to people is created through your branding and personality development with content creation.  It’s hard to relate to people that do not speak… much like it’s hard to relate to businesses that do not communicate.

If you switch your thinking to brand development and that content is the express way to make this happen, the “job” of creating content takes on a whole new importance!


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Action Steps
1- What is the personality of your business… is it sophisticated, happy, funny… come up with ten words that describe the personality of your business, write them down, place next to your computer, and use these as your inspiration when you write your posts!
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