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Episode #302 – Own Your Crazy!

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“Whether you realize it or not, you already have a personal brand…”

So… have political issues affected your shopping and buying behaviors?  Do you buy from one place or not buy from another depending on something you researched or heard on the news?  Even consider something as neutral as “buy local”.  Now I’ll ask again…

Are your personal shopping and buying behaviors affected by political or social issues?

Mine are! I don’t consider myself a “social conscious shopper” but I certainly have things and companies I will and will not buy based on a reason OTHER than the quality of the product or service.

That’s a little frightening when you think about it.  As a business you are creating the best output you can and yet, because of your personal brand, people may choose to skip YOU as an option.

You may feel like you can post anything you want to on your personal Facebook or Twitter accounts because, “well that’s personal” – and while that’s true, it’s not accurate.

Whether you want to admit it, you are a personal brand that is attached to your small business. Therefore, if you want to give your personal expressions on politics or religion, that’s fine, but realize it does have an impact.

It may attract like minded individuals to your business, but it might drive away the opposing view. You might be OK with that… however… just make sure that is sustainable in your business model.

Post what every you desire, just do it with your eyes open. No complaints about a lack of customers if you post crazy things on your “personal” page!

Own your space (and your crazy)– but the better solution would be to own your subject matter expertise and go crazy creating awesome and amazing content that shows you are an industry “go to”!

Normally I focus on the characteristics that make up a Subject Matter Expert… but today I thought, we better go waaaaay back to basics.  I always think this topic is a good reminder!


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Action Steps
1-  Take a “fresh look” at your social media accounts… are they portraying a message consistent with your business message?  Are you happy with them… evaluate and enhance as needed! Do this today.
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