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Episode #259 – Turn Your Package Into a Gift

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It’s Saturday – and it’s “Try This” day.

I want you to take a look at these photos.  It’s awesome to find a company that celebrates gift giving in their packaging!  I was standing in line and I saw the bright pink boxes on the counter behind the cashier.  The woman ahead of me in line curiously asked, “what are those?”  And the cashier said, “cookies ready for pick up”.  She finished her transaction and it was my turn, I got to pick up one of those bright pink boxes.  It was awesome!

I knew what was inside, but it was still a bundle full of anticipation.  Each cookie was individually wrapped, with a bow!  the box had curling ribbon and it was a complete unboxing experience.

And look at that title!  “National Marina of the Year” – I still can’t believe it… if you want to celebrate with us visit MarinaoftheYear.com – I was picking up the cookies for a little celebration party for our crew today… here’s the awesome customer service aspect of the story… I ordered them yesterday.  So it was a rush turn around!  That made the packaging even more special, even though I was last minute in ordering… there was NOTHING last minute about the result!

So give this a try!  Find a way to take your ordinary package and make it a gift.  I know… it’s more fun to give than to receive, but sometimes it’s really fun to be on the receiving end of a fabulous product experience.

BTW:  Here’s a fun reason to use social media for your business promotion… I found this company on Instagram… it’s a small local company that transforms cookies into a lifestyle – you’ve got to check them out!  I just fell in love with the way they market their product by the photos they use.  Check them out here!


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Action Steps
1-Find the way to make your package a gift.  Add a bow, sticker, gift card, thank you  note, special color, special feel, even a special scent. Just take it to the next level and have your business represented outside of your store.
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