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Episode #256 – No Excuses Only Solutions

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“No Excuses Only Solutions”

Memorize these four words, “no excuses only solutions”.  When you feel that excuse rearing it’s ugly head… repeat those four words. I was listening to a podcast earlier today and the host said those four words.  Awesome!  It reminded me of my cousin, she used to tell her team, no complaints unless you present a way to solve it.  Same thing, but more condensed!


There can be no solutions when you use excuses.  It’s just not possible.  Now it’s easier to have an excuse, but doesn’t it get exhausting?

Let’s evaluate a better path, especially if you have employees.  If you have a problem and someone wants to complain, let them… but ONLY if they have a solution to solve the problem.

This allows a complete mind shift from problems and trouble to solutions!  When you are in a solutions frame of mind you are in a success based mode.

No one wants to hear complaints, but most people want to hear how to improve things.  I say “most people” there are some people that truly just want to be negative.  If you run across these people, just run.  Get away from them, they’ll just hurt your spirit.

What were those 4 words again?

No Excuses Only Solutions.


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Action Steps
1- No Excuses Only Solutions.  I’m just going to say… today, make an effort that when you feel an excuse coming out, stop and find a solution instead.  Then do the same thing tomorrow, and the next day… and the next!
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