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Episode #248 – Hurry Up, Be an Expert

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“Character is a journey, not a destination.” – Bill Clinton

As you are creating your small business it’s important to show your character and build credibility in your followers.

The reason this is important is due to the lack of face-to-face time you have with an in-person transaction.  You need to make sure your customers are comfortable dealing with you!

Here’s the reality check… you know you’re legit, right?  But someone sitting three states away looking to make a purchase from your website has no clue who you are!  BUT, if you list something on your “about me” page that says  you’re a mom, you list the books you enjoy, and even talk about your hobbies or favorite foods, it makes you real.  If you do this in a video it takes it to the next level!

Your character, just like today’s inspiration says, is a journey, not a destination.  You aren’t creating this page on your website, or your Linked-in page, or a blog to simply create it.  You are creating it as an ongoing project to help your customers relate to you!

It’s the number one thing you can control on the web!

My friends get annoyed with me when they write and say, “I’m speaking at…” or “I’m doing this trade show” and my first answer is… take a photo!  The reason I say to take a photo is because you never know when you’ll use it, but if you don’t have the photo you can’t use it!  If you take a photo in front of the conference sign it is something you can use to talk about the experience.  Here’s my “about me” section on this site… this section is in line with today’s inspiration because it’s constantly being added to!

So… now it’s your turn!


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Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
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Action Steps
1-  Boost your “about me” section on your website… add something today!  Either add your personal story, hobbies, favorite foods, education… something!  There’s also your Linked-in profile.  This is easy stuff!  AND don’t forget to take a photo at any “interesting” experience you participate in!
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