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Episode #165 – Goal Achievement Brings More Goal Achievement

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My favorite inspirational quote is “what you believe you achieve” which is nearly the same as the quote I chose for today which is “what we focus on we attract”.

There is a little difference between focus and believe along with attract and achieve.  “Attract” implies it comes to you while “achieve” is going and getting it.  The same with focus and believe, although you can focus on something, you can focus without believing.

So while you can focus your thoughts to attract something, it is much more powerful when you throw in the belief that you can make it happen.

How do you make it happen?

Start with a power goal session.  Imagine (focus) on what you really want.  Brainstorm that ideal situation. Then develop the plan with baby steps to make it happen.  Look to others who have the success you desire and follow what they did well.  Remember, they took a learning curve with errors along the way, don’t follow the errors (haha).

This all starts with goal achievement.  Check out the article on my website.  The success you achieve will depend on the path to your goal.  To help you along the way, practice solid goal setting techniques.  Use the SMART method, (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Rewards Orientated, Time bound) goal setting.  The more specific (focused) your goal, the better your success rate.  The reason is because when it’s specific, you know exactly how far away you are from achieving it because it is combine with the  “T” of time bound. This allows you to adjust as needed.   Don’t be afraid to readjust your goal mid-path, readjusting is not failure… it is simply readjusting!

Readjusting will bring successful goal achievement.  Now here’s the funny thing the goal achievement will bring another, and another, and another!  It’s almost like it attracts more!  When you focus on goal achievement you attract goal achievement!

Question of the Post:
What is your most recent goal that you set and achieved?

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Action Steps
1- Today… Set a goal.  Lay the plan to achieve it by tomorrow night.  (it doesn’t have to be a big goal, just something you’ve wanted to get done, this is your chance to do it!)
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