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Episode #164 – Are You Good… or Just Kidding Yourself?

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Here’s the thing about motivational statements… they’re meant to motivate.  But sometimes we get delusional when we think about them.  This statement is one of them… and I believe today’s inspiration which is, “No matter how good you get, you can always get better.” Tiger Woods.

While this is true, it’s also misleading.

If you do nothing to maintain your “good” it goes away!  We often forget about this.  I think it’s the reason movies have that iconic scene where buddy’s gather around a table and talk about the winning touchdown from high school 30 years earlier and then they throw a mock football to each other.  There is not a chance that that group of guys could do what they did 30 years ago.  How do I know?  OMG this morning I sat on the floor to pet my dog and could barely touch my toes, and back in the day I could do splits without any struggle (haha).

My point is this, you can always get better.  But if you ride on your success, or fool yourself into thinking you’re still at that “good” level… someone will do better than you and infact you’ll slide!  There’s my optimistic view for your morning!  I’m not saying this to bring you down, but to bring reality into your life.

You need to constantly evaluate your business standing.  What worked 5 years ago, may not work today.  Sure you can “get buy” but the thing that made you “good” 5 years ago is not even on the radar anymore.  Take photos as an example.  It’s summer and it’s very busy at the marina.  I talked to my cousin who is putting together a press kit for me.  He sent a “shot list” and I read it and realized, I have NO video of our dry stack storage in HD.  I do have video of it… so guess what my assignment is this weekend since it’s one of the last that will be sunny with green leaves… yep.  Shoot photos and video in HD.

Today take a reality check.  Look at your website, brochures, and processes from a brand new set of eyes… are you Good?  Great?  or playing catch up…

Question of the Post:
Have you ever had an “ah ha” moment and realized… oh man, that is so outdated?

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Action Steps
1- Evaluate your website, photos, videos, processes from fresh eyes… find the areas were you were mega awesome and now are playing catch up… and adjust!!!
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