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Episode #158 – Trust the Process for Social Media Marketing or You Will Be Left Behind.

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Have you ever noticed how fast things go now?  I remember my Grandma saying that things are much faster than when she was a child.  Now, 40 years later it seems even faster.  Well, it’s true.  Not to get too technical there is a multiplying effect that happens. The first desktop computer we bought had a memory of 250 MG, now we’re at trigs of memory… the reason is once you have a skill or a technology advancement, that is the new zero.

Look at athletes.  Is a football or basketball game different now than 40 years ago?  The reason I mention sports is because last night I found an old baton video online of an outstanding 6 year old from 1985.  I remember watching her performance live.  She was better than most 20 year olds at the time.  She was over the top amazing, especially for 6 years old, she set a bar.  The bar was, all 6 year olds (or any age) needed to be at that level to win nationals.  Since she was only 6, for the next 15 years she could do nothing but improve (and she did).  Here’s the funny part, I watched this “incredible video” and in 2017 and her skill today would be considered a “high level beginner”.  There was nothing for the sport to do but improve.  I understand baton twirling and I know nothing about the history of football/basketball… but I imagine the advancement in those two sports to be even larger!

What ever today’s best is, will soon be average.

The reason is because that “best” can be taught.  The person who has the skill can be studied and improved upon.  The learning curve to get to “best” was immense, however, to surpass “best” is just a matter of following a process (and a lot of practice).

This goes for EVERYTHING.

You must trust the process.

Social Media Marketing is a new process.  I’m getting frustrated by watching so called “experts” push things on small businesses like, “post 7 times a day on these 3 platfoms and you’ll achieve success” – it doesn’t work like that.  There is a process.  There is no short cut.

1) Develop content that people want to read.  2) Consistently post that content targeted for your audience. 3) Position yourself as the expert in your niche by posting content people want to read.  This is the Infinity Marketing Loop.

That’s it.  That’s the big secret to social media marketing.

Content can be reports, words, reposts, video, audio, infographics, photos, ANYTHING.  Targeting your audience can be on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, Texting, or over 200 other platforms.  Becoming the expert is ALL YOU.  It is what you continue to learn, express and share.  This is about building relationships, not about “posting”.

This is the reason social media marketing is evolving so quickly.  There is a process and everyday it’s improved upon.  The reason you may feel “overwhelmed” or “left behind” is because the improvement of the area doubles just like memory on your computer.  Yesterday’s “new skill” or breakthrough or “best” is today’s “average”.

But just like sports, you need to start and practice.  You need to “compete” at your level.  There are no short cuts and just like sports, no one can do it for you.  You can hire a great coach, but you’re the one that needs to sweat.

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Action Steps
1- Create a content mission statement.  This will focus you!
2- Create an “ideal customer” to determine where they hang out online
3- Start providing that “ideal customer” with your fabulous content!
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