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Episode #120 – Have an Idea… Now Do It!

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Alrightie… it’s acronym time! START Start Today Achieve Results Tomorrow. There’s nothing better than starting your week with a good old fashioned acronym… well at least an acronym, I’m not sure it’s good.  Haha

Much like my Bob Marley quote you’ve got to start. After you develop your goal and the plan to achieve the goal you have to start.   Silly as it sounds, there are plenty of people that think big but don’t actually start.  This is why I talk about goal achievement instead of goal setting.  I mean, most people are pretty darn good at setting goals, but, not quite as good as attaining their goals.

I think START is a jazzy little acronym.  “Results” are your key word, and that’s plays right into my article on my website to help – you must have a specific and measurable goal.  Here’s my real world example.  It was very busy at the marina this past Thursday.  That’s Thursday June 29.  Which in the USA Marina world is the equivalent of a couple days before Black Friday in the retail world… we’re busy getting ready for the 4th of July.  Anyway… I got the idea that if I sent out an email announcing a special for membership in our boat club that maybe someone would sign up.  I knew it would take a little over an hour to create a slide/video presentation and skim my email list for active prospects.  The timing would be great because the weather forecast was wonderful…but it was also getting close to 3:00 pm – and that means my “work email” addresses would be going home soon… boom, let’s do it.

My goal. One new sign up.
Plan: skim list, create video, write email
Time: one hour

At 4:17pm the email went out and shortly before 5:00pm one person called and joined us! Our membership rate was just under $2,500.

This was not “magic” all of the people I sent emails to had previously requested information and had been in my email loop.  It was the right message, right time, and right price. The magic was that, I was prepared, I had an idea, and decided to START.

Now, it’s your turn!

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Action Step
1- START – Start Today Achieve Results Tomorrow
2-What idea can you implement… right now!  Just start… (it doesn’t have to be perfect)
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