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Episode #119 – Don’t Give Up on You… Figure out if it’s Frustration or Future.

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“Follow your dream wherever it takes you. Be faithful to yourself”

You woke up and thought… what the heck am I doing?  Or worse… you thought I never want to get out of bed, I just can’t do this anymore.

Ok don’t. Just stop doing it.

No one is forcing you to continue your business, well, except you.

Ouch.  How’s that for some positive motivation!  Well, it’s true.  Do you want me to be the “rah rah… go go go” person?  Because I’m not.  I’m your voice of “crap, she’s right.” –You started down this path because of X, Y, and Z.

Let’s review.

Now is the time I get a little nicer (haha).

Answer these questions in your head…

Before I started, what dream or vision did I have for my business?  Before I started, why did I want to start this business? And what am I able to do now that I couldn’t do before I started my business?

Answer these questions on a piece of paper… take some time to really think them through.

Why am I frustrated right now?  What is my vision for three months from now?  And finally, considering my answer to “what am I able to do right now that I couldn’t do before I started my business?” is it enough?

The frustration question if fairly straight forward, and typically writing it down gives you a baseline of a solvable problem. Find a different vendor or get a different employee, the key word being “different.”  The answer to your vision in three months is to see how your creativity is doing, it’s a fun way of getting past frustration and looking to your future.  Finally, the answer to, “is it enough?”, will get you to weigh the frustration and the future.  You’ve already had past success that allows a lifestyle you craved.  Is this frustration temporary, fixable, or more…

It’s OK to need motivation.  It’s OK to feel a little lost.  But don’t quit on you.

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Action Step
1- Take the time to write down the answers to the questions in the post… really determine how to change your frustration and how do you see yourself in three months.
2- If it’s a temporary frustration… then just check out my Get Motivated section on my website.
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