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Episode #113 – Define Success On Your Terms

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I had a crew member tell me that he liked getting a paycheck, he’d just like it IF he didn’t have to work to get it. He lasted about two more weeks and then he just “no show no called”.  Shocking… I know.  He is someone that simply doesn’t understand today’s inspiration.

“The only place success comes before work is in a dictionary.”

Or does he understand it?  OK, that would be giving him waaaay too much credit.  But hear me out.  Depending on your definition of success the receiving a check without working is ideal… I say this with caution because, again, it depends on the source of the check – if it’s coming from mom and dad and you’re living in their basement as an adult… that is not what I mean.  However, if you’ve worked hard and now invest the money and get a check – cool!   Notice I said “worked hard” – the man-boy didn’t want to work.

Let’s go further.

Question: How do you define success?
Answer: Any way you choose.

Success is based on what you want it to be.  You can live your life comparing yourself and your business to others.  When you do this you become “just like them” except you don’t.  You become a less successful version because what they did was original and trailblazing… what you do is copying.  If you truly want to be successful, define and blaze your own trail.  That way when you accomplish your goal, you have all the tools and success necessary to start off on another successful journey.

How do you create success?

You decide what you want.  The best way to do this is to set a goal and create a path to achieve it.  And if it’s a big goal, break it into smaller goals.  AND don’t just have one goal… have several!  It’s OK.  You’re running a small business, you know how to manage multiple projects and tasks.  Why on earth focus on one goal… your personality dictates that you can handle more than one thing at a time!

You don’t have to do multiple goals… but why wouldn’t you?  If it’s because you have more than you can handle and one goal is enough…  that’s perfect.  But if you are only concentrating on one goal because you read it in a book or that’s the advice you’ve always heard… then try multiple goals.  There’s nothing wrong with trying.

Here’s what I mean.  Create a goal to increase sales at the same time you create a goal to increase your personal contact with your current customers at the same time you create a goal to enhance your in-person experience.  Three goals.  If you switch to a goal setting technique it will be far easier to monitor your success.  Yes, it will take work to get used to this technique, but… if getting the bathroom cleaned daily becomes a goal, the goal does become a habit and you can next move onto the next goal of dusting one area of your store every day so the entire store becomes clean… and as you know “clean” will increase sales.

One final reminder… your goals do need to be specific, especially when you have employees helping achieve your goals.  If your goal is “clean bathrooms” this can mean very different things.  Create a check list, because it will help you know when success is attained.  PS: We just did this at our marina… and the bathrooms look fantastic!

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Action Step
1- Create a goal for EVERY profit center in your business – make it specific!
2- Develop your plan to achieve success… then start today!
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