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Episode #112 – Make Money Now! Today is Powerful for Small Businesses!

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Do you like where you are right now?  Then don’t do anything different.

Yeah, it doesn’t work like that.  If it did we would all still be enjoying CD’s and toting around the 100 envelope carrier that you didn’t dare leave in your car because someone would break in and steal it.  You realize that I left mine in the bathroom of the Midway Airport… right on the floor against the wall of the stall.  This was back in 1996.  I was on the plane, realized I forgot it, ran off the plane, struggled past people boarding on the jetway, got to the bathroom, discovered it no longer there, and got back on the plane… no questions asked.  Things were much different 20 years ago.

Some people would argue they’d rather have CD’s or even vinyl.  But the point is, even if you want to do things as you’ve always done them, life happens and so does change.

We cannot go back to a morning and evening newspaper and three TV channels.  Here’s the deal, today is better.  Although the finale of M*A*S*H had a 60.2% US household viewership.  WAIT! Ponder that for a moment… 60% of all the households in the United States doing the exact same thing at the exact same time… we just don’t get that anymore!  Now, that’s a loss.  Sure, we do get “viral” things where we watch “bear cubs on a slide”, but we never watch it at the EXACT same same time.

So why do I say today is better?  Because for a small business you can make money right now!  While the 60% of households is great for advertisers of major companies, it’s not good for small businesses. In fact, it would blow out your advertising budget.

But today… if you decided you wanted to make money NOW, you can go onto Facebook, right now and create an ad targeted to people 10 miles from your business and promote your product for less than $20/day. Again, you can do this now.  You don’t have to wait for next week’s newspaper deadline. You can do it now.  You’ve also got Google and Craigslist!

If you want to create a new product and not carry inventory you can do that too!  Here… buy an American Flag Hat, I made this a couple years ago, if you buy it, I make money.  My point is, there’s no inventory.  Hummmmmm with the 4th right around the corner, maybe I should create a Facebook ad to promote it??!!?

See what you can do today!

Imagine using the American Hat formula and creating shirts for your business… you can sell them online, and you don’t carry inventory.  You can utilize the power of “your list” or buy traffic (ads on Facebook), and make money now.

Again, it seemed simpler when small businesses could place one an ad in the Sunday Newspaper… but today, when you understand the different ways people shop and communicate, you can make more money.   But you need to remain open to learning.

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Action Step
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