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Episode #111 – Focus on the Basics for Small Business Success Now and in Ten Years

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It’s hard to get out of your own way.  But it’s nearly impossible to look to your future without taking the baggage of your past with you.  This is why we rarely notice a technological improvement because the improvement really is just a modification of what we’ve been using… that is until it’s a great leap forward.

I remember the first time I used wireless internet.  It was the most freakish experience.  I walked around my living room hovering my hand over and under my laptop computer.  Seriously, I am the biggest geek!  I can’t believe I wrote that.  But I really did.  The internet is magical enough, I mean… going from dial up to DSL… that was a big deal.  Then… OMG!  No wires!   I’ll spare you my excitement when I walked outside with my smart phone and printed a document to my printer inside my house.  Serious geek moment.

Other than showing my geek off… I have a point.  What has changed?  I can stand outside and print instead of being next to my computer and print.  I still have to go to the printer and pick up a physical piece of paper.  What has stayed the same?  It’s white paper, black ink, and Times New Roman font.

Wrong question.

What did I want ten years ago that I still want today?
I want fast printing that is clean, clear, and crisp.

What will I want in 10 years?
I will still want fast printing that is clean, clear, and crisp.

Maybe in 10 years I’ll be able to sit on a raft in the middle of a tropical lagoon and just “think” print and won’t need a smart phone because the internet will just be in my head… but guess what, I’m still going to need a printer.

So this is your ultimate business success philosophy modified from Amazon.  Don’t be concerned with the changes that will happen to your business in ten years, focus on the things that will be the same.

That eliminates a whole bunch of stress.

For example, if you run an online store.  Your customers currently like fast shipping with innovative products.  In ten years they’ll still want fast shipping and innovative products.  If you run a gymnastics club and the parents want an environment that promotes a positive and competitive environment… guess what… in ten years they’ll still want that.  If you currently own a doggy daycare that has a safe/clean atmosphere with extended hours, again… in ten years you’ll probably offer a similar product.

So, in ten years, gymnastics will evolve and new tricks will be developed, the doggy daycare may include drones that walk the dogs, and your online store might teleport products to homes, however, your basics will still remain.  Discover and focus on these basics.

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Action Step
1- What are the four to five things you do as a business now that you did 5, 10, maybe 20 years ago?  What are the core values?  Have they changed or are they the same?
2- How likely is it that these four to five things will still be the core of your business in ten years?
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